Friday, July 22, 2016

A reflection on the recent terrorist attack in Munchen.

In the past, every time I heard about some terrorist attack, I always knew it would have been a relatively isolated act. In the last year or two, I have found myself to think, pray and even write emotional Facebook statuses, but attack after attack, even more so after Paris II and Nice - I started to feel like: what am I writing, is this going to be definite? When will the next attack be? They are becoming alarmingly usual, and they are becoming alarmingly more and more, in our cities. We are getting into thinking things like "oh once again", we are tending to forget that people are actually dying in our cities: women, men, mothers, fathers, grandparents, the lonely, the poor: people with hopes, fears, loving and loved... but it might also help us realise what people outside of Home Europa have been going through for years, in a very harsh way. At the moment my prayers are with those who died in Munich, the injured and their relatives. I think of all those who today and on all the other tragic days have woken up, to start a new normal day of a normal life and have never seen the sunset.
Every time someone dies in this way, especially children, it is the Crucifixion all over again, and we are witnesses of this like Mary, John and even Mary Magdalene, whose feast occurs today were and like them we should spread the message of the Saviour that died on the cross: love. Tragically, I don't only feel, but know that this will not be the last one. I will still continue to pray and write statuses. We can't lose our hopes, strength and happiness. Only water can win over fire and only love can triumph over hatred and evil. Spread love, do. I am distraught. Pray for Munich, Jesu mercy, Mary pray.

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