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An Introduction to the Doria-Pamphilj Gallery, one of Rome's greatest treasures.

Originally written for Centro, the Anglican Centre's newsletter. The Palazzo's courtyard The Anglican Centre takes great pride in its lavish location kindly provided by the Doria-Pamphilj family, now almost since the very establishment of cordial relations between the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church.  Standing proudly, at the heart of Rome, covering more than an entire city block between the Piazza Venezia, the Via del Corso and the Piazza del Collegio Romano, the Palazzo Doria-Pamphilj is one of the many gems of our city. Part of its charm perhaps is the very fact that it still houses its original family which has always taken great care of it.  The Pamphilj family started out in a small Umbrian town in the 9th century and by the 17th century had established itself as one of the great princely families of Rome, boasting the presence of a Pope, Innocent X, among its members - later in the latter part of that century, the Pamphilj merged with one of Genoa’s greatest f

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