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The Altar: the Church's Sancta Sanctorum, Worship from the early Church to this Day.

A view of Rome from nearby Janiculum Hill.
As of today, the Roman spring is in full bloom, the weather is warm, the flowers are as colorful as ever, and the sun is high in the sky. As Italy is slowly working its way towards a post-lockdown phase, life is slowly getting back to normal, even churches are starting to reopen. After months, I have started taking up walks again. A few days ago I entered the ancient Basilica of San Pancrazio which is quite close to where I live. Built by Pope Symmachus between the 5th and 6th centuries - the church is one of many great examples of an early churches built in the Constantinian style. This little excursion made me wonder about the evolution in which Christians have been worshipping in the past couple of thousand years, and especially what is at the center of our worship, the altar. The central focus of a church building, where Christianity's most sacred act, the Eucharist, the sharing of Chris's body and blood, takes place. In order to …

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