Monday, March 7, 2016

Cloth of Honour.

It is interesting to notice that the square pattern found in the "Cloth of Honour" at St. Nicholas Church was already quite popular during the 15th century in Europe. 

The "Cloth of Honour" at St. Nicholas Church, Compton

Here is a couple of examples from Renaissance Italy: one comes from a palazzo near the Piazza Navona, in Rome the theme is quite popular on these sort of fa├žades and also in other decorations.

A Renaissance palazzo near the Piazza Navona

The other example is that of the Della Robbia ceiling decoration in the Chapel of the Cardinal of Portugal in San Miniato Florence. 

The Della Robbia ceiling in the Cardinal of Portugal Chapel in San Miniato, Florence

I think it is an interesting proof of the connection there was in Europe through the arts. We can draw an imaginary line that goes from Rome to England, just like the Via Francigena: after Rome we have Florence that reaches Paris and then Bruges, here is the strongest connection given both by trade and the arts, following this the line reaches England, where, in the late Middle Ages, visual arts flourished, especially in the south and in East Anglia, where the Flemish influence is still visible.

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