Wednesday, February 25, 2015

An artist in the ghetto. Benozzo Gozzoli.

The Jewish ghetto in Rome is home of many churches without facades, S. Angelo in Pescheria is one of them and it is located in the small namesake narrow street behind the Portico d'Ottavia. It houses a fresco by Benozzo Gozzoli, the great artist who decorated the magnificent Medici - Chapel of the Magi in Florence - this Roman work is quite damaged but still splendid: the theme, very popular at the time is a Madonna with child, sorrounded by angels. I think it is a beautiful depiction of this, the two angels holding Mary's veil still have beautiful colored wings, representing their rank, this is a Medieval practice that some early Renaissance artists retained, especially in Rome - among others Antoniazzo Romano (Antoniazzo Romano's Annunciation by the Roman Anglican.) and Melozzo da Forlì (Melozzo da Forlì by the Roman Anglican.).

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