Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Il Pastura" in Trastevere - Roman Renaissance.

Antonio del Massaro also known as Il Pastura was a Renaissance painter from Viterbo. His style was inititally inspired by Pintoricchio with whom he worked in the Sistine Chapel, and later by Antoniazzo Romano - in the second half of the XV century (1470) he was chosen to paint together with his master Pintoricchio the Ponziani Chapel in Santa Cecilia in Trastevere - while Pintoricchio decorated the ceiling (Pintoricchio in Santa Cecilia) he decorated the walls with beautiful Renaissance frescoes representing some saints. Now they are unfortunately very damaged. The altarpiece with the iconography of Our Lady of Succour, Saint Stephen and the family's saint: Francesca - is rather important in the understanding of how commissions worked in the Renaissance, and in this case the lesser known ones, such as in the case of Antoniazzo Romano. This is the unknown Roman Renaissance and this is one of its gems.

 The Blessed Virgin Mary with Saint Lawrence and Saint Frances.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria (?)

Saint George

Saint Jerome

Saint Sebastian

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