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An Ode to Rome.

Here is some late night (or early morning?) nonsense for you. Things in Rome are not too dissimilar from what we remember about normality. Sure, we have to wear masks, we have to respect social distancing, you can't go to restaurants or bar after 6pm, you can't even leave your home between 10pm and 6am, and yet taking any random stroll through this city makes you think that this is nothing but at a moment. Yes, because the Eternal City has literally seen them all. New Yorkers might think that having some chap carelessly walking down Midtown Manhattan dressed as a giraffe or having their city reguraly destroyed in disaster films equals having seem them all  - well, let me tell you... as much as I love New York it doesn't even get any close to what Rome has been through. I shall try to make this list as short as possible. Let me think... devastating fires, barbaric invasions, a succession of plagues and more invasions, the river flooding the town, city being sacked, city bein

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