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A Tale of the Liberation of Rome

The WW2 Memorials at All Saints' church. On 31st October 1922, with the entrance of Benito Mussolini’s Fascists into Rome, Italy began its nonstop journey into chaos, death, destruction and desolation that culminated into a rejection of its historical alliances, a dangerous love relationship with a new friend, and a war between families, culminating in shame and derision. A journey which began with resentment towards the undelivered promises from the Great War. What seemed like a bright future for a new Italian Renaissance, soon turned into violence, lack of freedom, both physical and verbal, statewide racial discrimination, political murder, and finally in 1940, a war fought by a people who always preferred to create beauty as opposed to creating death, and finally a civil war. The Resistance and the Fascists, traitors and friends, families divided, and overall death, death and death. Italy and its reputation became a mockery of itself. This all became reality when the war was cle

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