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Sermon preached on the Sunday before the Ascension at St. Andrew's Church of Scotland, Rome.

For those of us who worship or work in international settings in this Eternal City, we might have had to come to terms with not forming long-lasting relations with people here as they come and go. In the beginning, that might make us a bit upset, think of young people or students losing their friends or co-workers. That is the nature of a big international city. Back at my church down the hill, every couple of years we see an entirely different chore group of young adults. Having to say goodbye becomes sadly natural to us.  Over the course of a year or a few months, you get to know people who might become friends and lovers, perhaps these relationships are formed so quickly because one is aware of the fleeting nature of their time here. In a way, that reminds us of the intensity of Christ’s life while here on earth. Indeed, that’s what happens when your days are numbered. We all went through that. Only a couple of years ago, I met one of my best friends at church, and we bonded over lo

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