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The Peak, a Reflection on the Coronavirus crisis.

Over 105,500 is the number of people who were infected with Sars-Cov2 in Italy as of today, 12,428 is the number of people who died because of complications caused by this type of Coronavirus, 969 is the highest number of people who died in a single day due to complications caused by Sars-Covid19, four days ago. But there is one gleam of hope. Today our country, where the outbreak first spread without control in the West, has reached the peak. This means that we have slowly reached the worst moment of this crisis. We have seen many deaths, we have been bombarded by terrible news on television, as well as the sight of tragic and heartbreaking scenes all over the media. 
We have been worrying about our loved ones, about ourselves, but also about the economy. Especially, some of us worried about the effects on mental health provoked by such a lengthy quarantine. We will see the results of all those as well. This crisis will affect all of us in one way or another. I myself have been angr…

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