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Sermon preached at Sung Mattins at All Saints' Rome on the 10th Sunday after Trinity

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, In the past year and a half, Rome has been the quietest it has ever been - at least for most of us born after the last world conflict. This has given us time to reflect and ponder on the beauty of this Eternal City. I always loved exploring some known and unknown treasures of a city where beauty has become not an ideal but a defined form. If you take a stroll down the Piazza Navona and then venture towards the tiny streets and alleys beyond the huge Baroque church of Saint Agnes you will find the little church of Santa Maria della Pace. The tiny church with its beautiful facade by Pietro da Cortona, has inspired many buildings in Italy and abroad, notably St. Mary-le-Strand in London. It sits in a little piazza which in normal times would serve as one of the hotspots for Rome’s frenetic nightlife. Like many other churches in Rome it was founded after a supposed miracle in which Mary appeared, the early Renaissance commem

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