Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Roman Anglican is back from his placement in Lincoln!

Forgive me for this long absence! During the month of December I had a placement as a verger at Lincoln Cathedral - it has been a wonderful and edyifing experience. Spending Advent and Christmas in one of the largest cathedrals of England has been truly trascendent. I am really grateful to the kindness of the fellow vergers and the Precentor for helping and hosting me. 
I will always treasure this experience. I will never forget attending Choral Evensong during snowy afternoons or splendid Christmas services. 
I met all kind of people, young and old, serene and grumpy, poor and rich - all of them gathering under the roof of one cathedral, the shrine of St. Hugh and of Our Lady of Lincoln - I feel privileged to have been part of this legacy and help these people to reach God.
As I already visited the Cathedral and "blogged" about it I won't give too much historical information.
This post is rather about my experience there. 
Everything started on the first day of December, when I arrived with my two heavy suitcases, that was almost my last free day for a month!
The day after the daily routine of Mattins at 7, Low Mass at 8:30 and 12:30 and Choral Evensong at 5:30 begun. Preparing the altar and serving at those services was truly a unique experience - assisting people, aiding people to reach Christ makes yourself glad to wake up everyday - no matter what time it is.
In the middle of Advent we had to survive the Christmas market - the greatest in England! What a funny experience it was! 
Sundays were also quite a highlight! The great choirs of the Cathedral really brought us to heavens during the services of Holy Communion and Choral Mattins and Evensong. 
By the time of Christmas I was incredibly excited, and for a good reason! The greatest services of Carols and Communion on Christmas Eve and morning made my year! The choice of music was not at all banal - but yet that was not all! I couldn't but think of how many people through the centuries came here on Christmas day to give thanks to God for the birth of his Son - it seemed that on that day all of the East Midlands were there.
After Christmas I had a private chat with the Dean, he is truly a gentleman and made me feel welcome on behalf of the whole cathedral, a welcome that was extended previously by so many people.
I will never forget how edyifing this experience was, and how good it was to go to pub and have a good old English beer after Evensong! I will never forget how wonderful and warm the people were.
I am truly grateful for this experience. Deo gratias!

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